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Your Android Tablet Screen: How to Repair

One of our favorite things is a brand new, shiny tablet. All the possibilities of on-the-go convenience open up, such as catching up on your favorite shows, watching sports highlights, getting tons of work done on small cafe tables or keeping yourself entertained on the plane. One of the first things many people do when […]

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Five Important Facts about Tablet

Since their introduction into modern life a few years ago, the tablet has changed the way consumers utilize technology.  Offering consumers an alternative to a laptop,  tablets have quickly become one of the prime requirements of modern life. Use to surf the web, play games or provide a mobile work environment, tablets have many functions […]

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Simple Guidelines for New Android Tablet Users.

This is for newbies who want to get acclimated to their new device. The following tips are very useful to help you get started. They will guide you to using your tablet well. 1: Your tablet can be used as a USB mass storage device. When you connect the tablet to a PC through a […]

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Reasonable Distinctions between Tablets and Smartphones

There are significant differences between smart phones and tablets. In terms of conversion rates, utility and when and where the customers are using tablets and smart phones, reasonable distinctions can be found. If you are into smartphone and tablet repairs then you should keep in mind the following differences. Conversion Rates: It is being seen […]

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The Science of the Broken Screen

One of the most common problems in tablet repair is a broken screen. Most of the time, this happens when the screen is dropped or otherwise subjected to a major impact. Other than phone design, several factors influence how, and if, a screen breaks. Drop height. The “impact force” is proportional to the square root […]

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How to Travel and Stay Connected

In the modern day; everything revolves around sharing information. In fact, every other business is solely based on information. The way you handle information in your business while travelling and when around determines the scale of your success. While going on business travels, it is very important to stay connected so as to ensure that […]

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6 Tips to Minimize Risk of Smartphone Hacking and Damage

Tablets and smartphones get damaged all the time, either through common user mistakes or through network access. The problem with these sorts of attacks is the fact that portable devices carry a tremendous amount of personal information- some of which may be used to gain access to your banking information or credit card. With the […]

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Great Tips to Keep Your iPad Secure

Though the iPad is a very effective and useful device for many professionals,  it offers quick access to information, portability, connectivity and excellent user interface. However, since the arrival of the iPad, hackers have been trying to steal data and cause all kinds of problems. Hackers aren’t the only problem with the iPad. The way […]

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With the high rate of revolution in the world of digital gadgets, the tablet is definitely a buzz word to reckon with. Many gadget enthusiasts who cherish the ingenuity of creative minds have this device in their possession. Now there are many reasons that make the tablet a very popular device in the market today; […]

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