Your Android Tablet Screen: How to Repair

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iPad_10.2_inch_Cellular_Silver_PDPOne of our favorite things is a brand new, shiny tablet. All the possibilities of on-the-go convenience open up, such as catching up on your favorite shows, watching sports highlights, getting tons of work done on small cafe tables or keeping yourself entertained on the plane. One of the first things many people do when buying a new tablet is to purchase a handy carrying case and screen protector for their device but sometimes even these expedients cannot protect from a cracked screen. But a shattered screen or even a small crack can ruin all of the fun and games. A damaged screen on a nice new Android tablet, or even a treasured one completely spoils the aesthetics and also drastically reduces the quality and usability of your tablet.

You Don’t Have to Suffer

While many suffer through their cracked or shattered screen, you do not have to. Here are a few of the things you can avoid by having your cracked, shattered or scuffed screen repaired immediately.

  • Permanent damage to the touch screen which can eventually impair any use of the tablet.
  • Cuts on fingers or even hands.
  • Leakage of oil, moisture from hands and fingers or even dirt can seep under the screen and damage the device.
  • Sudden shattering can cause injuries to those near the device.


When to Bring It In

Any screen damage at all on your Android tablet is a strong sign that it is time to bring it in. Scuffs and dings on your screen could be the sign that worse damage is on the way, and the sooner you catch the damage the easier the repair. Avoid the urge to fix the screen yourself, while there are some how-to videos on YouTube with tablet screen repair instructions they do not include technical experience and a safe work environment. Trying to repair the screen yourself could result in injuries due to the handling of a cracked or shattered screen. Also Android  devices are made with specific parts and are not easy to replace. Missing parts or mismatched parts could permanently damage your device. And with our convenient mail-in service and drop-off locations its simple to get your damaged Android tablet to us for repair. Most repairs are done the same day so you don’t have to go long without your trusty tablet.

For more information on how to have the screen of your Android tablet repaired or for similar repairs, contact ZAGG Phone Repair through our contact page. We are happy to assist you with any questions!


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