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Having free time does not excuse us from using our iPhones and iPads either because these gadgets also keep us entertained. As active mobile phone and tablet users, we overlook a lot of don’ts in terms of usage, such as not allowing our iPhones and iPads enough periods of “rest.” We forget how taxing and costly mobile phone repairs can get.

Failing to properly care for our devices can result in slower response and other malfunctions. A common mistake we all make is overcharging and continuing to use the device while it’s charging. These blunders definitely affect cell phone parts greatly.

Some charger-related issues for smartphones, iPhones, and iPads include a loose charging port, or the following:

  1. Cell phone or tablet only charges partially
  2. Cell phone or tablet will not charge at all
  3. Cell phone or tablet takes unusually long to charge
  4. Cell phone or tablet will only charge when the cable is positioned in a certain way

These can be quite exasperating. When your tablet or cell phone fails to charge, there are two things to consider:

  1. Your charging port needs to be cleaned and repaired, or
  2. Your charging port needs to be replaced.

It’s probably not the battery, especially if your iPhone or iPad is only a year old.

ZAGG Phone Repair is not your ordinary cell phone repair center. We are recognized as the leading provider of cell phone charging port repairs in DC, Maryland, Virginia and Florida. Comprised of a team of professionally-trained technicians, we specialize in all mobile phone repairs and replacement parts. We service all brands and we can do cell phone repairs within the hour.

Mistakes that May Necessitate iPhone Charging Port Repair or Replacement

Whether you rely on your iPhone or iPad for work purposes or you enjoy using mobile gadgets in your free time (or both), you could be placing undue strain on charging ports without even knowing. Consumers frequently overtax their devices, failing to allow for needed rest time. Perhaps you often continue to use your device while it’s charging, or maybe you leave it plugged in to the point that it’s constantly overcharged.

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The Importance of Seeking Professional Help

It’s not news that Apple doesn’t want consumers tinkering with their products, or that doing so will likely void any warranty you may hold. This is why it’s so important to allow a professional to handle iPhone charging port repair service on your behalf, and you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits when you choose Zagg Phone Repair.

A reputable service provider can offer expertise repairing your specific device, and with the right tools for the job, there’s far less risk of causing further damage, as opposed to a DIY fix. Whereas consumers will have trouble getting needed replacement parts, Zagg Phone Repair has OEM-quality parts on hand and ready to install, saving you time. You’ll also enjoy cost savings when you have the job done right the first time by a qualified repair professional.

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Jeff was awesome, good communicator, fantastic customer service experience today. My iPhone 6 had a very broke screen, kitchen plastic wrap holding it together. Dropped the phone off this morning and they quickly repaired, added optional glass shield at my request, and even helped identify and resolve a sensor issue, spotty charging problem.

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