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Since their introduction into modern life a few years ago, the tablet has changed the way consumers utilize technology.  Offering consumers an alternative to a laptop,  tablets have quickly become one of the prime requirements of modern life. Use to surf the web, play games or provide a mobile work environment, tablets have many functions .  Which is why many companies have chosen to dip their toes in the tablet pool creating useful and easy to use tools for the tablet.  Below we have identified just some of the most useful tablet accessories and apps.

  1. External wireless mouse & keyboard.

Perfect for those who use their tablets to write or work, external keyboards link to your tablet via bluetooth and make writing easy.  Never struggle with your touch screen keyboard again.

  1. A Handy Cash Record

Trying to budget? The mobile payment app can help you to use your tablet as a handy cash record. If you are a small businessman and having problems in dealing with credit cards and with its security system then your tablet can help you to resolve this problem.

3. An additional computer monitor

Your tablet can be turned into a second monitor with the help of apps like iDisplay and that process also requires a tablet stand. That will help you to take a short break by using the web and listening to music or enjoying some other activities of the web without disturbing your computer and your work.

4.  A toolbox of the photographer

You can turn the tablet into an easy editing instrument with the help of the apps like softbox, snap seed and Tidy. While Softbox facilitates the tablet to turn into a versatile lighting studio, Snapseed and Tidy helps in autocorrecting and reorganizing the photos.

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