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Some battery issues we encounter include an immense decrease in battery life or failure to hold charge. These are usually caused by…

  • overusing the gadget
  • having multiple applications open
  • streaming music or videos
  • using the device while charging
  • We often overlook these issues until the effect manifests on our phone or
  • device’s battery life. You don’t need a new device – you simply need to look
  • for a reliable cell phone shop that offers iPhone battery replacement and
  • other cell phone repair services.

No matter what the problem is with your phone’s battery, ZAGG Phone Repair can take the burden off your hands and provide fast, reliable, and first-rate service. We cater to all cell phone brands and offer excellent phone repair service as well as original cell phone parts, ZAGG Phone Repair as all the original parts necessary in making cell phone battery repairs or replacements.

ZAGG Phone Repair resolves battery issues within the day and do thorough checking before your phone is released. Our services and equipment are all supported by lifetime warranty, granting you relief and assurance that your device is under professional care and will be repaired successfully. We consult the client first before conducting any repairs or making any replacements. We value your trust and loyalty. Our team provides initial diagnosis upon inquiry. You will get a detailed breakdown of what the problem is, what caused it, and what will be done to fix it.

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"Got my phone fixed in 10 minutes flat and offered me water while I waited!  Also super cool.  Will definitely recommend!" ~  Antonio W.

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"ZAGG Phone Repair provided the greatest service with fast turn around time. Highly recommended ! Got my friends phone repaired. In and out of store in 10 mins. Wow!" ~ Max D.

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"The ZAGG Phone Repair technicians are incredibly thoughtful, helpful and will not stop until you are satisfied. I came in with a cracked phone screen. Forty minutes later it was fixed." ~ Nick A.

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Jeff was awesome, good communicator, fantastic customer service experience today. My iPhone 6 had a very broke screen, kitchen plastic wrap holding it together. Dropped the phone off this morning and they quickly repaired, added optional glass shield at my request, and even helped identify and resolve a sensor issue, spotty charging problem.

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