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Micro Soldering Repair Gaithersburg, MD

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321 Ellington Boulevard

Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Mon-Sat: 10AM-8PM
Sun: 11AM-7PM

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    Zagg Phone Repair is the total solution for tablet and mobile phone repair in Gaithersburg. We service all makes and models of iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices at our physical location in Downtown Crown. We’re easy to get in touch with by phone or online and also welcome drop-ins at our store during business hours.

    Zagg’s repair experts in Gaithersburg have deep and complete experience restoring phones from all sorts of electronic and physical problems, including:

    Data Recovery Services

    • Sometimes data recovery for a device is the only option if it’s severely broken or liquid-damaged.
      When working on cell phones for data recovery getting the phone fully functional is not needed. Oftentimes liquid damage issues such as not charging or no backlight will be present.If you have a device that you would require special data to be retrieved from, feel free to contact us for a quote. However keep in mind data recovery services can range in price depending on the device, damage, and type of data requested.

    Mobile Device Micro Soldering

    • iPhone 6 Plus Touch disease repair
    • iPhone Backlight repair
    • iPhone 7 Audio IC Repair
    • iPhone/iPad FPC connector repair
    • Charging/Power issues tristar repair
    • iPad Pro No touch repair solution
    • Macbook Pro LVDS connector repair
    • Pry Damage repair solutions
    • LG V20 USB-C Port replacement
    • Water damage data recovery services

    Game Console Repair

    • Sony PS3 HDMI Port Repair
    • Sony PS4 HDMI Port Repair
    • Sony PS5 HDMI Port Repair
    • Microsoft Xbox Port Repair

    General Micro Soldering Services

    • Surface Mount Device (SMD) Replacements
    • Mac Mini Fan FPC motherboard repair
    • USB Flash Drive Repair Data Recovery
    • Logic Board micro soldering services
    • Car Key-fob switch button repairs

    Our staff in Gaithersburg is ready to get to work. Call us at 240-631-9244, fill out our online form, or come by in person to schedule your repairs.

    If you can’t get to Zagg’s, we also provide remote repair service. Contact us by phone or enter your zip code on our online form, and we’ll dispatch one of our mobile techs for phone repair in Gaithersburg.

    We’re committed to giving you the most efficient and rapid device repairs in Gaithersburg for any problem your device has. Call us, use our online form, or stop by our store for help.

    Micro Soldering Motherboard Repair Services

    Micro-soldering is an essential aspect of mobile device repair services. With the complexity of modern smartphones, there are times when traditional repairs just won’t cut it. That’s where micro-soldering comes in. Whether it’s fixing a damaged charging port, a faulty power button, or a broken headphone jack, micro soldering allows technicians to meticulously repair intricate circuitry at the microscopic level. Using specialized tools and techniques, they carefully solder tiny components to restore functionality and ensure optimal performance. The precision and expertise required for micro-soldering repairs make them a valuable skill set in the world of mobile device repair, enabling technicians to tackle even the most intricate problems with ease.

    We offer logic board-level micro soldering repairs for a variety of devices: iPhones, iPads, Xbox, PS4, LG, Sony and many more. We are able to repair FPC connectors, backlight circuits, repair traces, replace SMD components and much more.


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