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Phone Repair Diagnostics

Nobody can afford to be without their smartphone or tablet for very long. So when something goes wrong with a mobile device, it can cause anything from mild annoyance to severe panic. ZAGG Phone Repair can help stop the madness before it starts.

Our technicians are longtime experts in mobile device diagnostics and repair. They’re specialists in fixing your phone issues fast. Whether you just need to fix a phone screen scratch or correct mechanical issues like battery replacement, broken audio ports or overheating, ZAGG professionals have the insight, tools, and proficiency to turn your repairs around quickly.

ZAGG Phone Repair experts identify your issue, then execute a series of diagnostic tests to pinpoint the exact problem. We’ll find the most complete solution to get your phone back in your hands. We’ll be straightforward about any other issues potential we may come across when fixing your phone. And we’ll always give you our complete service at the lowest price possible with no surprise fees.

Simply find a ZAGG Phone Repair location and make an online appointment or see if you’re located in an area where we can come out to you. We’ll handle your iPhone repair or Android fix while you wait to get your phone back to good-as-new condition. When you need to repair an iPhone, Galaxy, LG, Pixel or another major-brand smartphone, ZAGG is your best choice for fast and complete service.


Screen Repair

We've all experienced that fleeting moment of terror when an iPhone drops on the ground and shatters its screen—or that utter confusion when the screen gets scratched even when we protect it like one of our children. Whatever the cause, a phone screen blemish or crack is irritating, but something many of us decide to just live with. But with ZAGG, you can repair a phone screen much more easily than you think.

ZAGG is known for our thorough Galaxy, Pixel and iPhone screen repair. We can make scratches, cracks, or smashed mobile device screens disappear within minutes. Whether you need minor scuff removal, a protective cover or a screen replacement, ZAGG diagnoses your issue, offer complete service, and fix an iPhone screen or Android screen while you wait.

Our service isn’t limited to mobile phones: If you need to fix an iPad screen or another brand of tablet, our technicians can help you too. ZAGG also has a complete lineup of screen protectors, accessories and designer cases to reduce the chance of further damage to your phone screen.

Mobile devices are small items with big price tags and fragile surfaces. When you need to repair a phone screen, ZAGG will get the job done completely and quickly. Schedule an appointment online or just drop in at one of our locations.


Button Repair

Power buttons that don’t turn on. Home buttons that leave you stranded. Buttons that don’t do anything but make you scream, and not in a fun way. A broken button can make your iPhone seem like nothing more than pocket fill.

You’re not alone. Even the most careful and conscientious phone user runs into the occasional button that works irregularly, doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, or has sadly passed away. But you don’t have to suffer through repeated pushes until you can finally get your next new phone.

ZAGG’s phone repair service gives stuck, hard-to-control or broken buttons a brand-new lease on life. Our technicians have dealt with hundreds of thousands of inactive, dirty and damaged mobile phone buttons that either work badly or not at all. We can quickly identify what’s causing the trouble and find a solution that gets your buttons working like there was never anything wrong to begin with.

When you need to repair an iPhone button that needs to be cleaned, restored or replaced, ZAGG Phone Repair finds and solves the problem while you wait, at a price that’s fair and affordable. Whatever issues your buttons have, ZAGG fixes them all and gets your phone back into nearly new condition.


Charging Issues

The smartphone is a communication device, entertainment center, and productivity suite all in one. That means it needs power. When a smartphone doesn't charge as it’s supposed to, it can feel like all our connectivity is seeping away. In most cases that’s not good.

Most charging issues—especially in new phones—come from problems in the charging port. Since it’s usually open and vulnerable to outside dust and particles, a charging port can get dirtier or damaged much more quickly than other phone components. Those conditions make phone-charging take an uncomfortably long time or keep it from happening altogether.

ZAGG’s mobile phone and iPhone repair include full servicing of your charging port. We can get it back into functional condition, and often get it back close to its original charging speed. Whether it just needs cleaning, more thorough work or replacement, ZAGG professionals do it all with quick turnaround at a reasonable price.

Our experts can also advise you on specific steps you can take to preserve your charging port—like preventing overcharging and giving your smartphone time to rest. Whatever it needs, ZAGG has the solution for your charging port. Make an appointment on our online scheduler or stop by one of our locations for walk-in service.

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It’s not just about fixing devices; it’s about restoring peace of mind. Our friendly customer support and after-service care ensure you’re always in the loop.

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Warranty Information

ZAGG Phone Repair pays special attention to each and every repair and product sold.
For that very reason we offer warranties on all repairs and Invisible Shield products.



"Got my phone fixed in 10 minutes flat and offered me water while I waited!  Also super cool.  Will definitely recommend!" ~  Antonio W.

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"ZAGG Phone Repair provided the greatest service with fast turn around time. Highly recommended ! Got my friends phone repaired. In and out of store in 10 mins. Wow!" ~ Max D.

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"The ZAGG Phone Repair technicians are incredibly thoughtful, helpful and will not stop until you are satisfied. I came in with a cracked phone screen. Forty minutes later it was fixed." ~ Nick A.

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Jeff was awesome, good communicator, fantastic customer service experience today. My iPhone 6 had a very broke screen, kitchen plastic wrap holding it together. Dropped the phone off this morning and they quickly repaired, added optional glass shield at my request, and even helped identify and resolve a sensor issue, spotty charging problem.

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We are Zealous About Great Gadgets and passionate about Technology. At the forefront of the consumer experience we strive to stay up to date on the latest and greatest trends in the technology space….always increasing our knowledge and fine tuning our craft.  We all go through hours and hours of hands on training; maintaining a high standard of quality, integrity, and the goal of a flawless repair. Whether you decide to come to one of our stores or decide to dispatch a tech to your home or office we strive excellence in both customer service and in the finished product.

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