Does Overheating Put Your Phone At Risk?

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Does Overheating Put Your Phone At Risk?

Spring is just around the corner, and that brings days full of sunshine and summer to follow. We all love going outside and enjoying that weather. However when temperatures start to rise while you are sitting bench and beachside, you may start to question if your phone getting hot in that sunshine will affect its performance. Here, we will tell you just what overheating may do to your phone.


Will my screen crack?


This is always everyone’s first question. Only overheating cannot cause the glass to crack. However, it can cause the glass to be more vulnerable to breakage. If you left your phone in direct sunlight, in a car for example, temperatures even in the spring can get well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. While you would still need an external event such as a bend or a drop to cause it to actually crack. The likelihood of it cracking goes up when the glass is very hot. A normal accidental drop that may have never damaged your screen before is more likely to cause breakage. More likely, the glass may undergo thermal fracturing. This is caused when glass goes from being very hot, to being very cold and can cause damage to your screen.


What else may happen if my phone overheats?


It will take a high amount of heat to actually cause the battery to malfunction. However, other parts can be affected by high heat. The bonds within your phone that help it stay waterproof, may not be so waterproof anymore. Adhesive can get lumpy as it overheats. This can cause small gaps in the waterproofing of your phone and can then allow dirt and dust to get inside your phone and ruin it. Or worse, let water in and render the phone completely useless.


There are other parts within your phone that don’t like to get too hot either. Unlike desktops, phones do not have fans to cool the CUP, GPU, and other chips. High temperatures, whether it’s due to internal or external factors, can cause damage to these parts and their connections. If those parts overheat, usually the user will get a warning on the screen of the phone. Does this happen to you? It may be time to get your phone repaired.


So, how can I help prevent my phone from overheating?


Most smartphones have warning features when they overheat that alert you when the internal temperatures reach 95 degrees or higher. If you receive this warning, the only thing that will operate is the emergency call function. Otherwise, until your phone has cooled down, it’s useless. To avoid the warning, keep your phone in a cooler, more shady place. Especially if your out in that warm sun.


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