Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Being Stolen

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Tips To Prevent Your Phone From Being Stolen

It was right there, you just had it! Literally it was there a second ago! You search your pockets and around where you have been sitting and suddenly you have that sick panicked feeling… Your phone is gone. You look around, who could have taken it? None of your friends have the tell tale guilty grin. You ask, and none of them have it or have seen it. That sick feeling gets worse as you realize you probably aren’t going to get it back. What could you have done? How could you have prevented this? Here, we have a few tips.

Sadly a stolen phone is not uncommon. Regardless of how well it works, all phones have some value. Especially if it is a newer one. Well practiced pick pockets usually have a way to thwart most precautions, but if you make it at least a little difficult you can make it not quite worth the effort of even taking it.

Tip 1. Enable “Find My Phone”

This is one of the two most important and easiest things you can do. iPhone users have free access to the app through their iCloud accounts. If you are unfamiliar with how to enable it, you can find instructions on Apple’s site.

Enabling this doesn’t only grant you access to track your phone by GPS, but also allows you to trigger an annoying ring that can be heard from pretty much the bottom of anything.

With the app, you can also enable lost mode which disables all functions and displays a message on the screen. This message could display a different contact number for yourself or maybe even a reward to someone for returning your phone if you lost it by mistake. Lost mode also gives you the last resort option of wiping your phone. By doing this you can guarantee that no photos, text messages, or credit card information gets out.

This is by no means a guarantee that you will get your phone back, but it certainly may help. At a minimum it can help keep your information secure.

Tip 2. Password Protect It

The second most important thing, some may call it critical, is to put a password on your phone. Please just don’t make it as simple as 1234, or 1111, or anything quite that easy to guess. Don’t worry, you’ll get quick at unlocking even the more complicated ones.

A better than average thief will usually know how to get around it, but usually it either requires a ton of time, or more likely a wipe of the phone. If your phone were to be stolen, simply having a decent passcode can help prevent you from losing not only your phone, but also all of your personal information.

Tip 3. Back It Up

After you get past losing an expensive device with all of your information on it, the loss of all of the irreplaceable photos and uncopied files are all that will really matter. That phone will degrade in value and eventually that part won’t really matter so much. Those pictures however, are priceless. Even if you don’t follow any of the other tips, at least follow this one. Backup your files.

Tip 4. Don’t Leave It On The Bar

Bars are fun and are great for socializing. Most all of us take our phone out of our pockets and sit it on the bar the minute we get there. Please hear this  warning…. Dont. This is just asking for someone to take it from you the second you look away.

Tip 5. Be Smart About Getting It Back

The sad truth is that even if you follow all of these tips, if your phone gets stolen, it is more than likely gone. Sometimes people get their carriers and the police involved to no avail. Some have even decided to go full on super hero to try and get their phone back if they think  they know who stole their phone. We encourage you to judge each situation on a case-by-case basis. Don’t do anything that would put you at risk. It is always better to let the phone go but keep yourself safe. Remember that no gadget is work your life, no matter how shiny it is.


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