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Protect Your Smartphone with the Zagg Invisible Shield

Anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet is aware of its fragility and knows they must take the utmost of care to protect it from scratches or any other damage.  While most smartphones and tablets are designed to withstand some wear and tear, all it takes is a simple slip of the hands and BOOM! […]

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Tips To Increase Your Tablet’s Battery Life

If you are a decent user, it is less likely that your tablet will need any repair for first 3-4 years of usage. Battery is usually the first thing that starts giving trouble after a year or two. Apple and Samsung tablets are becoming quite popular among people. People are quite excited about both brands […]

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Why Choose Zagg Repair Service For Your Smartphone Repair Needs

Since smartphone infiltrated the market not long ago, we have become dependent on our little handheld devices.   As such we take them everywhere, some people even take their phones into the bathroom.  Keeping your smartphone on you at all times often leads to phone mishaps.  Everyone knows that moment of terror when their fancy […]

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Simple tips for iPad maintenance

Designed to be sleek and portable, your iPad has become your go to devices for everything. From corresponding with email to listening to music to surfing the web, people are constantly plugged in thanks to their handy iPad. However, because we take our iPads everywhere we go, we expose our treasured devices to the elements.   […]

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Insights on Tablet Repair and Protection

As technology continues to advance, we as a society become more dependent on our personal devices like our smartphones and tablets.  Which is why it is important to take extra care and keep your tablet safe from damage.  Of course, with daily use and exposure some damage is inevitable. Some of the common problems that […]

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Staying Protected With Zagg Phone Repair

The split second between when your mobile phone or tablet drops from your hands and when it hits the ground can be one of the longest moments in one’s life.  This may seem a tad bit dramatic, but if you have ever experienced this then you know the immense feeling of dread that comes when […]

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iPad Mini Repair

Cracked iPad Mini? Not working correctly? Repairing your iPad Mini doesn’t need to be as costly as you think! At Zagg Phone Repair we can help you repair your iPad Mini quickly and affordably. Not just for fixing your smartphone, Zagg will also repair your other mobile devices such as iPads and iPad Minis. We […]

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Samsung Galaxy Repair

Who got a new Samsung Galaxy over the holidays?  If you did, and it doesn’t seem to be working right, or if you’ve broken it, you will want top-notch Samsung Galaxy repair to get your gadget back in working order! You don’t have to keep using your broken Galaxy.  It doesn’t have to be time […]

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Tablet Repair

Oops! Somehow your child got their hands on your tablet…and now maybe the screen is cracked, or the on button is stuck, or it simply isn’t working right. It’s annoying to have to part with your precious gadget when it’s in need of repair. Zagg understands how frustrating it can be. You don’t have to […]

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iPad Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than breaking an expensive gadget.  Especially an iPad, which you grow so accustom to using all the time, making it hard to part with it when it gets repaired. When it’s time to get your iPad repaired, Zagg offers top iPad repair services.  You can either drop it off at a […]

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