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Smartphones have been the standard for over a decade, and though they perform many amazing and useful tasks, let’s face it: they just aren’t as sturdy as the flip phones of yesteryear. If you’ve been a smartphone user for any significant amount of time, you’ve most likely cracked or even shattered your phone screen at least once, if not multiple times.

Don’t worry—you’re not alone, and Zagg Phone Repair is here to help. We specialize in iPhone screen repair and iPad screen repair, and we’re fully equipped to handle any level of screen damage.

Is a shattered iPhone screen making you feel disconnected?  Are you trying to endure that crack through your iPhone glass until your next upgrade?  Consider our renowned screen repair services at ZAGG Phone Repair.  We can fix your cell phone screen while you wait and at a great price!  Whether you have a minor blemish or your glass is fully shattered, our technicians are equipped and trained to restore your phone within minutes.  As we work to repair your screen, please shop our inventory of designer cases and cellular accessories.  We give customers everything they need to extend the life of their cell phone investment in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Florida.

At ZAGG Phone Repair, you can expect more.  Not only do we lead the nation in mobile device repairs, but we also offer extra ways to protect your cell phone or tablet from future damage.  Ask one of our friendly sales associates about our invisible shield screen protectors.

If your cell phone could use a boost, call ZAGG Phone Repair in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Florida today.  All of our store locations offer same-day appointments and accept walk-ins.  We work hard to ensure that your cell phone repair is a hassle-free experience at ZAGG Phone Repair.

Why You Should Fix an iPhone Screen ASAP

If you’re going about business as usual with a shattered phone or even with small cracks in the screen here or there, you could be causing a great deal of harm to your phone’s functionality.  A screen full of cracks is a more obvious hazard, but any fracture in your device’s screen could be letting in harmful materials. When your screen gets even the tiniest crack in its surface, your device’s internal components are now exposed to dirt, moisture, and other microscopic bits of grime that can quickly affect the device’s functionality, even if the drop that caused the crack or shattering didn’t seem to cause any internal harm itself.

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Why Zagg Phone Repair?

If your device needs screen repair, look no further than Zagg Phone Repair. We offer high quality and efficient iPhone screen repair, and our staff is well equipped with the knowledge and experience to answer any question or concern you may have about your device or the screen repair process. We pride ourselves on our ability to not only fix an iPhone screen, but to also provide you with the tools and information to prevent future damage.

To top it all off, convenience is our middle name. Need to repair a phone screen but don’t have time to come into the shop? We’ll bring our expert service to you. Call us or register online to set up your appointment, either in-store or dispatch. With our Mobile Repair Vehicles, we can repair your device virtually anywhere while you wait. Find your nearest location in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida on our site today.


"Got my phone fixed in 10 minutes flat and offered me water while I waited!  Also super cool.  Will definitely recommend!" ~  Antonio W.

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"ZAGG Phone Repair provided the greatest service with fast turn around time. Highly recommended ! Got my friends phone repaired. In and out of store in 10 mins. Wow!" ~ Max D.

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"The ZAGG Phone Repair technicians are incredibly thoughtful, helpful and will not stop until you are satisfied. I came in with a cracked phone screen. Forty minutes later it was fixed." ~ Nick A.

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Jeff was awesome, good communicator, fantastic customer service experience today. My iPhone 6 had a very broke screen, kitchen plastic wrap holding it together. Dropped the phone off this morning and they quickly repaired, added optional glass shield at my request, and even helped identify and resolve a sensor issue, spotty charging problem.

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