Great Tips to Keep Your iPad Secure

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how to keep your ipad secureThough the iPad is a very effective and useful device for many professionals,  it offers quick access to information, portability, connectivity and excellent user interface. However, since the arrival of the iPad, hackers have been trying to steal data and cause all kinds of problems.

Hackers aren’t the only problem with the iPad. The way people treat the device is also a major issue. There are times when people forget that an iPad is way more than a simple book, and holds large amounts of valuable data in contact lists, emails, applications and more. In addition to this, the iPad is also a fragile device. Just like other tablet repairs, iPad repairs can be quite costly. In this post, we’ve discussed some great tips to keep your iPad secure.

Don’t Leave the Device Lying Around

This tip comes from common sense. It’s possible that you’re violated this guideline more than once. iPads can be very easy targets for thieves. Thus, you don’t let your device out of sight in a public place. Moreover, you shouldn’t leave it lying around in plain view, such as your car. You might end up with a shattered window and stolen iPad.

Use a Password

Though it’s not completely hacker-proof, it can still block any unauthorized users from obtaining or accessing your information. It’s better if the passcode is difficult and contains both alphabets and numbers.

Enable Auto Lock

This is extremely important. With this feature, the device is set to auto-lock after a specific period of time. In order to enable this feature, you can go to Settings – General – Auto-Lock. Thus, even when your iPad is lying around, it gets locked.

Enable Automatic Data Erasing

It’s easy to configure an iPad to erase all the data after 10 failed passcode attempts. In case you constantly forget your passcode, this may not be a good choice. However, it can save you from losing your data to a stranger.

MobileMe Signup

This software can protect you from expensive tablet repairs. With this application, you can remotely wipe the data on your device when it gets stolen. This can protect your confidential and personal information.

Limit the Capabilities

It’s easy to set up your device to restrict some function, such as access to YouTube, Safari, explicit media content and more. In a business organization, an IT professional can set these restrictions.

Install Software Updates

Just like other software available in the market, you need to make sure your iPad has the latest security patches and updates installed to protect against viruses and hackers. This keeps your data safe and secure.

Connect to Only Trusted and Secure WiFi Networks

Public WiFis are often used by identity thieves and hackers to steal data. When you connect to WiFi, you should make sure it’s a secure, legitimate connection. In case you want access urgently, you should avoid making sensitive transactions, such as checking emails or online purchasing.

Surf Wisely

Even the most secure applications can’t protect you against some careless habits. When you’re surfing the web, you should stay away from installing unauthentic applications or untrusted websites. Most importantly, you shouldn’t open emails from strangers you don’t know. Such tips can help you protect against tablet repairs and losing your data.


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