Why Choose Zagg Repair Service For Your Smartphone Repair Needs

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Since smartphone infiltrated the market not long ago, we have become dependent on our little handheld devices.   As such we take them everywhere, some people even take their phones into the bathroom.  Keeping your smartphone on you at all times often leads to phone mishaps.  Everyone knows that moment of terror when their fancy new phone slips through their grasp and hits the ground with a thud.   Thankfully, Zagg Phone Repair  offers customers from all over the U.S. superior smartphone and tablet repairs for a reasonable price.

As one of the most reputable and customer recommended, Zagg Phone Repair is equipped with advanced technologies and boasts the best teams of professional technicians to cater the needs of your broken devices in a quick and timely manner.  With multiple centers in many locations including Maryland (Annapolis, Wheaton, Columbia and Bethesda) and Virginia (Tysons Corner)  it  very easy to get your phone repaired on the spot. However, major issues might require you to leave your phone for a few hours at the repair center.   Zagg also offers a mail in repair service for customers who do not live close to a store location.

ZAGG Phone Repairs also offer full iPhone repair for wide variety of damages. Their list of services include:

Touchscreen replacement

LCD replacement

Home Button replacement

Battery replacement

Camera replacement


Ear piece replacement

Dock connector replacement.

All the replacement parts given by the company are fully guaranteed for 90 days. In case, any replacement part fails to work or breaks out, the company is liable to change it free of cost.

Tablets, smartphones and other smart devices and/or gadgets are not for just texting and calling anymore. Moreover, buying new ones can be a lot expensive. This is the reason why most people prefer getting their devices repaired for extended use.

By using ZAGG’s iPhone repair service, you can get your Apple phone repaired in no time, without losing your data. The professional repair team will use the latest technology and ensure best replacement to offer the best service in the market. This is all you need to keep your dear friend-iPhone close to you for as long as possible.


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