Tips To Increase Your Tablet’s Battery Life

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If you are a decent user, it is less likely that your tablet will need any repair for first 3-4 years of usage. Battery is usually the first thing that starts giving trouble after a year or two. Apple and Samsung tablets are becoming quite popular among people. People are quite excited about both brands as they have added a lot of new features in their latest models. However, some people still complain about poor battery back up. Some even suggest that battery life in tablets is worse than other gadgets of the same category. Fortunately, there are some ways to preserve battery life that you can use to ensure better usability for a long period of time.

Increasing Your Tablet’s Battery Life

One tricky thing about keeping your batter in a good conditions is a trade off between jumping in and out of settings to re-enable features.

1) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – It is usually convenient to keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on. However, you should keep them off when they are not being used. This will preserve battery life, as well as reduce the risks of early signs of damage. Some high-end like these drain battery life substantially. Bluetooth settings can be easily managed in tablets as they are not hidden under sub-menus.

2) Disabling or Reducing Cellular Data – In case you do not need data service, it will be better to disable data connectivity to preserve battery life. You can even use Airplane mode as it will ensure that there is no network access at all when not in use.

3) Turn Off Notifications and Reduce Background Data Usage – Your tablet’s battery may also drain if you get a lot of notifications. This is because your screen will be constantly turned on. Moreover, the device will constantly poll network servers for notifications. In most tablets. you can easily turn off notifications. If you can’t, then turn off notification settings on applications that you don’t use often.

4) Buying An External Battery – One of the best options to reduce the chances of tablet repair due to battery problems is to buy an external battery. People usually use above mentioned features and applications because they love them. Hence, there is no need to trade off if there are other options. You can buy external batteries at affordable rates from any local store.

Tablet Repairs At Your Convenience

If you still find some glitches after following all the right tips and suggestions to keep your tablet batteries in good condition, you can always consider using professional repair services. Sometimes, software issues can also cause battery problems, making your battery run down in less than the average time. A good repair service will find out the root cause of the problem, and make necessary software updates and changes to ensure you are able to use your tablet for a long time without any interruption.

 At last, if you want to make the best use of your gadgets, it is important to take care of them by taking all the necessary preventions.


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