Tablet Repair

broken ipad-4-blackOops! Somehow your child got their hands on your tablet…and now maybe the screen is cracked, or the on button is stuck, or it simply isn’t working right.

It’s annoying to have to part with your precious gadget when it’s in need of repair. Zagg understands how frustrating it can be.

You don’t have to live with a poorly functioning tablet. Zagg offers top tablet repair services which are both convenient and afforable. You can either drop it off at a convenient Zagg tablet repair location or use their mail-in services. Both choices are fast, reliable, and inexpensive. You can relax knowing that your tablet will be returned to you as soon as possible with top-notch replacement parts.

About Zagg Phone Repair – Zagg Phone Repair provides iPhone repair services at cell phone repair kiosks throughout the the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area. Known for the Zagg Sheild, Zagg Phone Repair is the leading provider of iPhone repair and screen replacements for iPhones and iPads, Samsung, HTC, LG Droid repairs. We also provide an easy mail in repair service for your iPhone or smartphone.


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