The Importance of an Initial Price Quote on Your Phone Repair

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iphone5c_yellowIn terms of addressing your phone’s problems, be it a cracked screen or water damage, one of the key things you need to take into account is the cost of the phone repair. It is not out of the question for some repair companies to charge several hundred dollars for a minor repair, and you didn’t realize it until after the work was done. You’re stuck with a bill you can’t pay! To prevent this, you should consider getting an initial price quote.

What Happens During an Assessment

To get an initial price quote for your phone repair, the first step is the assessment. This is when you take your phone into a repair shop or kiosk. A technician should be able to look at the damage and determine what fix is best. During this assessment, he or she will examine…

  • The phone screen,
  • The touchpad, if present,
  • The outer shell,
  • The quality of the glass within the phone, and
  • Any cracks that you may not have noticed.

After a full inspection, the technician, if skilled and thorough, should be able to give you an accurate initial price quote. Sure, this quote is subject to vary if something is missed during inspection, but most of the time, this price quote is accurate.

What Else Comes with a Price Quote?

When you get a price quote, you don’t just get  a dollar amount. You should also get information on what all is involved: the labor and the parts. During this time, you can request warranty information. The fact of the matter is that this is the time to make sure that the price you pay is a fair one for the cell phone repair services you will receive.

From the very beginning, a price quote is your way to guarantee quality service at a price point you agree with. This is the Zagg way. We at Zagg Phone Repair ensure you get an initial price quote every time; we want you to feel informed about every part of the process. Call our team to get your quote started: [phone].


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