Zagg Cracks the Problem of Broken iPhone Screens

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Broken iPhone Screens RepairsThere is no smartphone fail quite as heartbreaking as dropping your phone and picking it up, hoping for the best, and instead finding the first signs of a cracked screen.  iPhones are expensive to buy, expensive to replace and typically expensive to fix.  Without insurance, you are resigned to using your broken phone, having to be reminded of the cracked screen every time you try to check the time or make a phone call.  Cracked screens are a problem for many reasons. Aesthetically they are unappealing, but they also make it difficult to read text or view images on your screen.

While many may feel inclined to bring their broken iPhone to the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple store, there is another option.  Often located in the same mall, the Zagg Phone Repair kiosk can replace your cracked iPhone screen quickly and often times for much cheaper than the repair would cost at the Apple store.  One Yelper who recently reviewed his Zagg experience at our Montgomery Mall kiosk, originally received estimates from Zagg and Apple, and found Zagg’s price for screen replacement to be over $100 cheaper than the quote from Apple.

Zagg is convenient, reasonably priced and offers thorough and reliable service.  We hope your iPhone stays securely protected (with a Zagg InvisbleSHIELD, of course!).  But if you experience a cracked screen, bring you’re iPhone to Zagg Phone Repair, and we will make sure that it is replaced in no time!


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