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The problem with mobile smart phones is that they can get expensive rather quickly and nearly all of us must own one in order to communicate effectively throughout our daily lives. Another common dilemma that most of us face at one point or another is dropping our phones, and people drop their Smartphones in all sorts of places – including those that are full of water!

Most individuals believe that once their iPhone, tablet, or other hand-held device becomes fully submerged in water that it is irreparable and no longer of value; however, this is oftentimes not the case. In fact, it is entirely possible to repair an iPhone or other device that has been damaged by water, and in most cases, you will be able to retrieve your vital information as well.

If your phone becomes submerged in water, there is roughly a 90 percent chance that you can bring it back to life and recover your stored information, but it’s important that you take immediate action. Following are five important steps you should take should your Smartphone or other device become submerged in water.

1. Be sure that the device is turned off.

2. Open the Smartphone case and remove the SIM card.

3. Shake out the excess water and dry it off with a clean, dry cloth.

4. Place silica or rice into a plastic bag and cover your device entirely into the material immediately after drying the excess water.

5. Contact a company that specializes in repairing iPhones and other devices and contact them as soon as you can. Simply leaving your device in rice or silica will not be sufficient to repair you iPhone.

Companies specializing in repairing Smartphones that have been damaged by water will complete a thorough inspection of your device and make the necessary repairs that are interfering with normal operation.

Cost Effective:

When you take your iPhone to the manufacturer for repair, they will often simply replace it with a reconditioned phone. This will cost around 200 dollars and all of your information will be gone forever; however, the cost of repairing your device through an on-line company such as iFixyouri.com will be significantly less.


Most iPhone repair companies offer a hassle-free process that includes mailing your device to them for repair and simply waiting for its prompt return.

Effects of Water on Smartphones:

Even a small amount of water such as a single drop can cause damage to set in very rapidly, causing irreparable damage over time. A company that specializes in iPhone water damage repair will provide the expertise necessary to remove any and all moisture or liquid damage from your device and have it functioning like new. If this process is ignored, you device may work for a short period of time, but the feature will begin to fail over the course of time.

So the next time you accidently drop your iPhone into water or experience a similar mishap to your device, simply send it in for repair. The process is hassle-free and will save you a significant amount of money.


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