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Five Important Facts about Tablet

Since their introduction into modern life a few years ago, the tablet has changed the way consumers utilize technology.  Offering consumers an alternative to a laptop,  tablets have quickly become one of the prime requirements of modern life. Use to surf the web, play games or provide a mobile work environment, tablets have many functions […]

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The Science of the Broken Screen

One of the most common problems in tablet repair is a broken screen. Most of the time, this happens when the screen is dropped or otherwise subjected to a major impact. Other than phone design, several factors influence how, and if, a screen breaks. Drop height. The “impact force” is proportional to the square root […]

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Tips To Increase Your Tablet’s Battery Life

If you are a decent user, it is less likely that your tablet will need any repair for first 3-4 years of usage. Battery is usually the first thing that starts giving trouble after a year or two. Apple and Samsung tablets are becoming quite popular among people. People are quite excited about both brands […]

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iPad Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than breaking an expensive gadget.  Especially an iPad, which you grow so accustom to using all the time, making it hard to part with it when it gets repaired. When it’s time to get your iPad repaired, Zagg offers top iPad repair services.  You can either drop it off at a […]

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