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Zagg Cracks the Problem of Broken iPhone Screens

There is no smartphone fail quite as heartbreaking as dropping your phone and picking it up, hoping for the best, and instead finding the first signs of a cracked screen.  iPhones are expensive to buy, expensive to replace and typically expensive to fix.  Without insurance, you are resigned to using your broken phone, having to […]

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Accessorize Your Samsung Galaxy

Quickly becoming a leader in the mobile accessories world, Zagg has had incredible success with iPhone accessories, invisibleSHIELD, and accessories for most smartphones. Looking to build an even broader customer base, Zagg will be introducing experience enhancing products for the Samsung Galaxy S4. With the Galaxy S4 set for release next month, Zagg has also […]

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Invisible Shield: Phone Protector, Money Saver

Protecting an iPhone screen is a full-time job.  And with the amount of money the average smartphone user spends on screen protectors, you need a full-time job just to do it.  Anti-scratch accessories that continually rip, tear and peel off your device can be costly to continuously replace.  With each faulty screen protector you are […]

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…but if it is, go to Zagg!

  After it’s first release in 2007, Apple’s iPhone has seen nothing but success during its rise to the top of the smartphone pyramid. Though each release has had its glitches, in the phone design itself and its hardware and software, iPhone has still maintained a strong following of smartphone users. With each new release, […]

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Is Your iPhone Missing Something?

You already know that Zagg provides quick, easy, and affordable iPhone repair, but did you know that they also have a great selection of smartphone accessories? From earbuds and keyboards to stands and backup batteries, Zagg accessories are just as affordable and convenient as their repairs. Zagg accessories aren’t just tech friendly, but also stylish […]

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Make Screen Protection a Priority

After spending a ton of money on the newest smartphone or tablet, protecting your device should be a priority.  Don’t trust your iPhone to a flimsy, easily damaged screen protector.  Zagg’s invisibleSHIELD is nearly invisible and provides scratch proof, military grade material with self-healing qualities that do not leave a sticky residue when removed. Our […]

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