Invisible Shield: Phone Protector, Money Saver

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invisible shield logoProtecting an iPhone screen is a full-time job.  And with the amount of money the average smartphone user spends on screen protectors, you need a full-time job just to do it.  Anti-scratch accessories that continually rip, tear and peel off your device can be costly to continuously replace.  With each faulty screen protector you are left back where you started, frustrated and having to spend more money to protect your phone.

However, with the Zagg invisibleSHIELD, those days are over. The invisibleSHIELD provides protection from pesky scratches and is clear, indestructible and won’t easily peel off your device. Tossing your phone in your purse or pocket used to leave you concerned about it scratching up against other things like keys, but with the invisibleSHIELD this is not an issue.

Using a regular screen protector might manage to keep your iPhone screen from scratching, but the protector itself can become scratched — and doesn’t that pose a similar concern? The invisibleSHIELD comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty to protect your investment, so if the screen protector ever becomes damaged, ZAGG will replace it for the life of your device. When it comes to screen protection, how can you beat that?


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