What iPhone Repairs Can I DIY?

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cracked cellphone screen we can fix that at zagg

Fixing a broken iPhone is not entirely impossible and, in most cases, may save you a bit of money if the repair job is simple. Whether you have cracked the screen or have a foreign object stuck in the dock connector or headphone jack, a fix is available at home. A busted iPhone screen is the biggest concern most consumers have, as it is quite easy to drop a smartphone on the pavement these days.

Fixing a Broken Screen

Of course, it is not Apple’s fault that gravity hates smartphones, but is it a problem you can fix on your own? There are replacement screens available all over eBay and how-to videos on YouTube to get the job done right. Opening up the iPhone will automatically void your warranty, however, so keep that in mind.
However, screen replacement is not as easy as what you see in the videos. The task often requires you to extract tiny shards of broken glass. Your best move, in this situation, is to hire a professional repair service to get the job done promptly.

The Drowned iPhone

The second most common issue we see with an iPhone is someone having dropped their smartphone in water. If you’re stuck at home, quickly inserting the phone into a bowl filled with dry rice overnight can help. The grains absorb most of the moisture, potentially resurrecting the phone.
If this simple fix does not work, however, there is very little that can be done. The smartphone may be dead and gone, and even a trained repair shop cannot rectify the issue.

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