What Is an Invisible Shield Screen Protector?

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Pinvisible shield logorotecting the screen on your phone or tablet is the first step toward guaranteeing longer life and quality for your device. The best-selling Invisible Shield screen protector from Zagg offers the sleekest appearance and best guarantee for lengthening the life of your screen.

Amazing Benefits

No other screen protector comes with as many benefits as the Invisible Shield. With a limited lifetime warranty, your screen protector pays for itself in prevention, and Zagg is quick to replace it if it ever gets scratched or worn out, which rarely happens. The Invisible Shield also features amazing self-healing nano technology, so you don’t have to deal with tiny nicks and scratches. Best of all, as the name implies, the Invisible Shield screen protector is invisible. No one will be able to tell you have anything on your screen, and clarity is completely unimpaired. The benefits don’t stop there; read the complete list below:

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Scratch protection
  • Nano-memory technology for self-healing
  • Shatter protection
  • Glass-like surface
  • Designed to disappear
  • Easy to apply, no bubbles
  • Amazing clarity
  • Available in Original, HD Clarity or Glass


When to Get a Screen Protector

Always purchase your screen protector before you even take your new phone out of the box. This will help ensure that before your phone even has a chance to drop, it has the screen protector firmly in place. This also limits the amount of dust and fingerprint oil already on your phone screen to a microscopic amount. If your phone screen is already cracked, shattered, or in poor shape, get it repaired at Zagg Phone Repair before you apply the screen protector.

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