Do I Have to Go to the Apple Bar to Have My Phone Fixed?

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ZAGG Phone Repair - Cracked iPhone ScreenApple users are probably familiar with the “Genius Bar.” The aptly named in-person Apple support service featured at their retail locations is full of techs in blue shirts ready to assess and efficiently fix any issue with your device. Although many of these fixes involve technical issues such as data recovery, many Apple device owners will also take their damaged iPhone or iPad to the Genius Bar hoping for a quick fix. Apple devices are susceptible to certain physical issues but whether or not the Genius Bar can help you may depend on your warranty status.

Common Repairs

Some common repairs apple owners take their devices into Apple for are data recovery issues, malfunctioning home buttons, battery failures, and broken screens. The Apple Genius Bar is known for deftly and quickly recovering seemingly lost data and troubleshooting pesky software issues. However the cost of your care may depend on your warranty. Especially if you are needing a replacement due to a broken feature.

Warranty Issues

Most iPhone users have a one year warranty with Apple while some may choose to spring the extra $99 for two years of AppleCare+. However if your warranty has already run out or if you accidentally damaged your phone without the AppleCare+ you are liable for the entire replacement cost. Apple no longer hands out free replacements in the case of damages not specifically covered under their warranties. If you find yourself in that situation it may be more cost effective for you in the long run to have your iPhone or other Apple device serviced at Zagg. We can quickly replace broken parts such as a shattered phone screen and can often have your device back to you the same day for much less than it costs to replace.

Have a broken screen or other physical damage? If your Apple warranty is expired bring it into Zagg Phone Repair for cost effective repairs that are a fraction of the price to replace. Contact us through our contact page to learn more about our iPhone repair services.


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