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iphone-12-mini-red-select-2020You got the latest and greatest iPhone several years ago, but now you may be wondering, “Why is my iPhone so slow?” There are a few reasons that could explain what is going on with your phone and most of these will only be noticeable after you’ve had your phone for a while. This is typically the nature of any computer, and your Apple iOS is no exception. Below are a few reasons and remedies that can help with your laggy iPhone.

Storage Space

Check to see how much space is left on your phone. If you have almost reached your phone’s limit, your phone will begin to lag. You can quickly remedy this situation by either purchasing cloud space or emptying your phone. With a quick restart, you should find that your phone is much faster. If you know that you quickly fill your phone’s storage, consider purchasing an iPhone with more space the next time you upgrade.

Close Your Apps

Many people are unaware how many apps they may be running at once. When you have multiple programs running, it can really slow down your phone. Quickly double click on the home button and close all apps you are not currently using. Not only will this help speed up your phone, but also will save battery life.

Software Update

If you haven’t updated your phone in awhile, it may be the culprit on why your phone is lagging so much. Make sure to check that your phone is completely updated before heading to the repair shop.

Reboot and Reset

Sometimes your slow phone can be solved with a simple reboot and phone reset. Make sure to back up all your data and photos before your reset. If your phone is still giving you issues, make sure to consult with a phone repair professional

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