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Since they first came on to the market nearly a decade ago, iPhones have become the go to smartphone for millions of people world wide. Despite its many technological advances, the iPhone is still a fragile piece of equipment that may require repairs from time to time. Thankfully, there are many skilled iphone repair technicians out there to help you out.  Unfortunately there are a lot of myths associated with iphone repairs, and to make an informed choice you must be made aware of them.

  • Only certified technician can fix smart phones: If you have a myth programmed inside your mind that only a certified technician can do iphone repairs, then look around. Certification is a stamp on the experience. The problem is most people are in love with the stamp and not on the experience. There are lot of technicians who are really good in their work don’t feel the need to get certified. And if you hand over your phone, they may repair your iphone much faster and better than any certified technician in your area.
  • Cost is a big issue is iphone repair: It’s a bet that it is not. Most people think that if they go on to a shop for repairing their iphone, then it would be too costly for them to ask for repairing it. But it is far from the truth. The average cost of iphone repair in 2015 is $179. Now you already know how much a smart phone means to you. From checking emails to doing all sorts of work your smart phone is your ally all the time. And $179 is not a huge cost compared to that.
  • Trying to fix it yourself: It is not prudent to try your own hands on iphone repairs. If you are an expert in iphone repair, then it is well and good. But if you are trying to take this do-it-myself project just to save the cost of repair then it is better that you don’t do it. Because most smartphone repair shops report that when the customers are trying to fix their own iphones, usually they come up with more screw-ups and flaws than before and the technician has to face a real hard time due to customer do-it-myself attempt.
  • Cell phone can’t be repaired: It is another misconception. Your smart phone can be fixed and repaired no matter how many issues you have been facing while using your smart phone. The technicians know how to solve each issue without you worrying over it.
  • All technician shops are dishonest: The idea has become universal that all technicians are dishonest and they always charge more than the actual price. But not all technicians are same. There are people and companies who work for their customers and charge reasonably. If you would like to know they even give you a detailed description of the parts they used and how much that cost them.
  • Warranty will go away if it is given to third party technician: If your screen of the iphone is broken, then any way your one year warranty is over. Thus it is a misconception that when you will give for iphone repair, then you will lose your warranty. Moreover, it is mostly seen that third party technician takes better care of your iphone while repairing than the actual technician.





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