What Should a Lifetime Warranty Look Like?

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Consistent Problems Seen in SmartphonesZagg Phone Repair knows it is expensive to replace a phone, but it can often be stressful to place your device in someone else’s hands. This is why we offer affordable services with a lifetime warranty that will guarantee you’re finally satisfied with phone repair. We have a lot of confidence in our technicians and offer a lifetime warranty to ensure your confidence in our services.

 Repair Damages or Defects

A lifetime warranty should always cover any damage or defect that is related to the original repair. If you are unsatisfied with the repair for any reason, you can count on our lifetime warranty to fix the issue quickly, regardless of whether you are near one of our locations throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia, or whether you are using our mail-it-in phone service. While other companies might only offer a one-year warranty or an expensive extended warranty, our lifetime warranty is part of our guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with our services.

 Supplemental Damage

The only damages or defects not covered by our warranty are those that are unrelated to the original damage that we repaired. This may include new physical or water damage, or any sort of defect that occurred during production or manufacturing. In the case of a defect, your manufacturer may cover cost of the repair. If the damage is new, while our warranty won’t cover it, we will be happy to do a second repair on your phone at our affordable prices.

At Zagg Phone Repair we seek to be affordable and fast, but we also make a promise to do high-quality work. Because of this mission, we’ve also developed a lifetime warranty that is able to fit your needs. Contact us with any additional questions about our commitment to craftsmanship.


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