Protecting Your iPhone Screen With Invisibleshield Screen Protector

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When we talk about an iPhone, protecting its screen becomes a full-time job, especially when users do not pay attention to the quality of screen protectors they are buying. As a result, an average iPhone user ends up spending considerable amount of money on buying screen protectors every couple of months, or even a few weeks (rigorous users). Anti-scratch accessories tend to continually tear, rip and peel off and it can be quite costly to replace them. Given that with each screen protector that needs replacement, you are back to where you started, searching for new iPhone repair options, spending more money and of course wasting your precious time.

Fortunately, Zagg invisibleShield has made it possible for iPhone users to stop worrying about their phone’s protection and get on with other important works. The invisibleShield by Zagg provides good level of protection from stubborn scratches. Best part is that it does not easily peel off your device, so you can be rest assured about the protection of your phone. This clear and indestructible protection guard makes your phone easy to carry. You can toss your phone in your bag or put it at the back pocket, With Zagg invisibleShield you won’t have to worry about the scratching and/or any other kind of physical damages to your phone.

Why InvisibleShield Is Better Than Regular Screen Protectors?

Apparently, using a regular iPhone screen protector might help you manage and keep your phone’s screen protected from scratching, but these protectors are themselves prone to scratching. Now this is not something that you’d like to work on! Even though your screen is protected from scratching, you’ll always need to replace the protectors once they tear down and peel off your device. This arise similar concerns that we mentioned previously. So what makes Zagg InvisibleShield different from regular screen protectors? Well, it comes with a lifetime warranty, which makes it one of the best investments in this regard. The lifetime warranty will protect your investment until the life of your device. So, if anytime, your screen protector gets damaged, the manufacturer will replace it for the lifetime of your device. When it comes to protecting the screen, this feature is something that no other protection gear or iPhone repair accessory available in the market can beat!

What Does The Package Include?

The invisibleShield package come with shield components that include, tapered black plastic squeegee, and a small-sized misting spray bottle of solution. The spray bottle solution is provided to aid in the self-application of the screen protector to your device. You can also opt for iPhone full body protector in the same range. It comes with two bottles of spray solution.

Application Tip

The installation instruction manual that come with Zagg invisibleShield, focuses on both patience and care at the time of application. In comparison to regular protectors, these are extremely easy to install with the help of provided spray and squeegee. The liquid makes the application easy, smooth and seamless. In order to start applying, it is recommended to start with the back portion first.


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