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Tips To Keep Your Cell Phone Safe At The Beach & Avoid Smartphone Repairs

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Summer is in full swing and everyone wants to spend as much time poolside as possible.  While sitting by the water on a hot summer day sounds refreshing it can be detrimental to your smartphone.  In this article, we’ll share some tips to keep your mobile phone safe by the pool or beach.. These tips will help you reduce the risks of damages from sun, sand, water, thieves, and other mishaps.

1. You can use a ziplock pouch to store your cell phone when not using. It will keep your phone safe from the scratches and moisture. Just make sure that there is nothing else kept in the pouch to avoid scratches. Also, the inside of the pouch should be completely dry.

2. Put the cell phone in your beach bag. Place it under your towel, socks or undergarments. This technique should serve the purpose of deterrent.

3. To protect your phone from the risk of thefts, password protection should help prevent theft when you go to the beach. Make sure your password is tricky and not predictable for anyone around you.

4. If you see your cell phone overheating, put it in a cool and dry place. If you can’t find any place at the beach, place it under your bag or towel. Just keep it away from direct sunlight. Do not try to use it when it is overheated or the surface is too hot to touch.

5. To deal with situations like losing the phone, add your home number on 01 speed dial. If you are lucky enough, a person who would find your device will be able to contact you.

6. If you have dropped the phone in the water, make sure you do not leave it there for more than a second or two. Pick it up immediately and dry it off. Take out all the components and put them in a plastic bag filled with dry rice. The rice will absorb all the moisture from the phone and you’ll be able to use it again. Keep the phone in the rice bag for at least 8-10 hours.

Next time you plan to visit a beach, make sure you follow all these tips to keep your phone safe from thieves, sun, water and moisture in the environment. If you can get a locker, keep your phone there before hitting the water. Also, if your phone gets switched off due to heat or moisture, do not use it for at least 10-12 hours. Avoid charging or switching it on during that period. If it still doesn’t function, take it to a good smartphone repairs shop and get it checked. Zagg phone repair is a best choice that you may consider for your phone repair matters. Contact the representatives to have your phone collected from your place and delivered back when repaired. Services like these can save you plenty of time and money on smartphone repairs.  



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