The Reason Why a Lifetime Warranty is Important

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surprised-euphoric-cheerful-woman-has lifetime-warrantyA lifetime warranty offers consumers a reason to trust in the quality and longevity of the product they purchase. But what exactly do lifetime warranties offer and how do they really benefit the consumer?

Lifetime Warranties

Normally, if a manufacturer or company is offering a lifetime warranty on their product this means they have confidence in the quality of their work, and they want their customers to have that same confidence when they purchase as well. Well known brands like Cutco, Craftsman and Zippo have used this to market their products for decades. However, “lifetime” warranties are a tricky subject because lifetime doesn’t always mean what you would expect. It’s quite normal to expect that lifetime would mean just that, the warranty lasts as long as the life of the original purchaser. However a lifetime warranty may only extend as far as the average life of the product you purchased, such as 20 years for a new roof. It can also mean for the life of the company, so if they go out of business you could be out of luck. Additionally, the warranty could last a seemingly arbitrary number of years, as predetermined by the seller. This is legal in most states, as long as the seller discloses the actual length of the lifetime warranty to the consumer. It is always important to carefully read your contract to fully understand the limitations of the warranty offered and get specifics from the company if the details are vague or missing entirely.

Phone Warranties

Phones are most often offered with limited lifetime warranties, sometimes only as an additional purchase. Often the best warranty you can get with a phone is a limited one year warranty because the nature of phones and their fast-paced replacements prohibit manufacturers from offering literal lifetime warranties. Unfortunately for some phones the issues start to appear right around that one year mark and if your warranty has expired you may have to look at replacing your phone entirely out of pocket. Fortunately you have Zagg Phone Repair’s specialized services in repairing phones and tablets for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace. Now you have a significant amount of time to save up for the newest edition of your favorite smartphone or tablet.

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