The Benefits of a Mail-It-In Phone Repair Service

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open-battery mail in phone repairWhen you have a broken phone and a busy schedule, you may be hard pressed to bring your device to a repair shop. It can be easier to slip your phone into a protected envelope and mail it to a repair service. But how long will your phone be gone? At Zagg Phone Repair, we know that your smartphone is an extension of you. You use your phone for your personal life, your work, and everything in-between. That’s why we make repairing your phone as easy as possible. Here are some big benefits you get when you use a mail-it-in phone repair service.

Easy and Convenient

Mailing your phone is fast, easy, and simple. Just print off a mail-in repair form describing the issue. Ship your phone USPS Priority Mail and make sure to get a tracking number so you can monitor its progress. Once we get your package, we diagnose the issue, call you to confirm the problem along with a repair estimate, and then get started.

Fast Repairs

With many mail-in services, you can expect at least a few days of turn-around, but not with Zagg Phone Repair. In fact, most devices are repaired same day, and we ship them back the same business day.


The repair costs for our mail-it-in phone repair service are the same as our store locations. Zagg Phone Repair has some of the most affordable prices in the industry, and we are always upfront and honest with how much your repair will cost. The costs of mail-it-in repair are minimal when you compare them to the cost of complete device replacement.

For more information about our mail-it-in phone repair service, contact Zagg Phone Repair today or check out our mail-it-in page with full instructions. Let us know how we can assist you!


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