What You Need To Know About iPhone Repairs And Protecting Your Device

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With more people using smartphones and tablets as opposed to laptops and PCs, the need for iPhone repairs and advanced security measures is rapidly increasing. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to access the personal information of smartphone and tablet users. Fortunately, consumers have access to an array of effective strategies for blocking this access.

Do Not Jailbreak Your Phone

Apple devices typically have a limited array of software that they can run. Users have to stick to apps and software that are available at the app store. While this might be frustrating to some users, it is also a very effective preventative measure. This significantly reduces the amount of malware that can get onto these devices. Jailbreaking allows people to reconfigure their software and install apps and software that are not Apple approved. As a result of these things, people who jailbreak their Apple devices are far more likely to need iPhone repairs than those who do not.

Establish A Passcode

Every Apple device that runs on iOS enables users to set a passcode. This code is necessary for accessing any apps or data that is stored on these devices. Once a passcode has been established, all stored data is encrypted, making it impossible for the iOS to read it at all, until the code has been entered. Should a phone or tablet become stolen, this will make it far more difficult for a person to compromise the device. Moreover, a passcode can also be necessary for gaining access to various security functions and apps.

Enable Erase Data

The Erase Data function on an iPhone will automatically erase all stored data after 10 unsuccessful attempts by an unauthorized user to guess the passcode. It is a secondary security measure that will block aggressive efforts to bypass passcode security. It is set-up so that data is not erased when people are simply mishandling their phones or when phones have been picked up by small children. It gives the user several attempts to enter in the correct passcode before making this individual wait for several minutes. Ultimately, it is designed for instances in which purposeful attempts are being made to compromise the device and its stored data.

Disable Features That Do Not Require A Passcode

It is not necessary to have a passcode to use the Voice Dial feature that many iPhones now possess. By activating Voice Dial, unauthorized devices users can access your contact list, play your music and make calls among other things. While Voice Dial is automatically enabled as part of the factory settings, you do have the ability to disable it. It is also a good idea to disable SMS previews as these might reveal security passwords and other personal details that are best left private.

Clear Data Before Getting iPhone Repairs

If using new providers to perform your iPhone repairs, it is important to clear out stored data. Simply use the Restore button on your phone to kick the device back to its factory settings. This is also something that people should do when selling their old phones or returning them. With these efforts, it is possible to overcome privacy issues that are inherent to the device’s design.


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