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iPhone Screen Repair

Broken iPhone screen? Nobody has time for that! The good news? Your world doesn’t need to come to a screeching halt just because your iPhone is cracked. At Zagg Phone Repair we know how much everyone relies on their cell phones these days, especially smart phones. Let Zagg help you repair your iPhone and get you […]

iPhone Water Damage

It’s easy to end up with an iPhone with water damage. Maybe you left it on your back porch and it started to rain, maybe you dropped it in the pool…whatever the case is, Zagg knows what a pain it is to deal with iPhone repairs.  Luckily, Zagg also knows that it doesn’t necessarily HAVE […]

Samsung Galaxy Repair

Who got a new Samsung Galaxy over the holidays?  If you did, and it doesn’t seem to be working right, or if you’ve broken it, you will want top-notch Samsung Galaxy repair to get your gadget back in working order! You don’t have to keep using your broken Galaxy.  It doesn’t have to be time […]

Zagg iFrogz Cases for iPhones and iPads

If you are looking for a case for your iPhone or iPad, look no further.   Consider Zagg’s iFrogz!  iFrogz offers cases for the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5, iPod 4th Gen, and all generations of iPads, including the iPad Mini! Stylish and protective, iFrogz cases have a variety of different looks to match your […]

Tablet Repair

Oops! Somehow your child got their hands on your tablet…and now maybe the screen is cracked, or the on button is stuck, or it simply isn’t working right. It’s annoying to have to part with your precious gadget when it’s in need of repair. Zagg understands how frustrating it can be. You don’t have to […]

Cell Phone Repair

We all know how frustrating it is to be stuck with a cell phone in need of repair. Many people use their cell phone as their primary telephone, for business communications, email, and more, so to be without a functional one can be a big problem. It might be tempting to try to repair your […]

iPhone Repair

iPhones are expensive, but they have don’t have to be expensive to fix. Rather then trying to fix the broken iPhone on your own, you are better off taking your iPhone to a qualified and experienced iPhone repair center such as Zagg iPhone Repair. We have many conveienent locations in the Washington D.C. / Virginia […]

iPad Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than breaking an expensive gadget.  Especially an iPad, which you grow so accustom to using all the time, making it hard to part with it when it gets repaired. When it’s time to get your iPad repaired, Zagg offers top iPad repair services.  You can either drop it off at a […]

Zagg invisibleSHIELD for the iPad

Get to know the invisibleSHIELD; Protect Your Ipad If you received an iPad over the holidays and want to keep it in proper working order then the Zagg invisibleSHIELD is a great way to protect your gift and your investment. The precision pre-cut invisibleSHIELD applies directly to your Apple iPad or iPad Mini, providing the […]


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