The Value of ZAGG Screen Protection

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Americans spent $4 billion on cell phone repairs in 2016, and cracked or broken screens are by far the most common repair needed. It can leave the touchscreen and keyboard unusable, disrupt the ability to text or make calls, and often can’t even be unlocked. ZAGG Screen Protection and Repair offers fast, affordable, top quality repair for the screen that’s already cracked, but it also sells Invisible Shield screen protection so you can avoid the damage before it’s done.

Choosing to protect your smartphone screen can be a wise investment – people are 10 times more likely to damage their screens than to have their cell phones lost or stolen! A cracked screen can bring your life to standstill, whether it happens at home or while traveling on business or pleasure. Protecting your screen will give you peace of mind before heading out on summer vacation to active destinations like the attractions of Orlando, Sarasota beaches, or Washington D.C. landmarks.

Invisible Shield is the #1 selling impact and screen protector for smartphones and devices. Drops and dings can break the delicate screen on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or other device, but with military grade impact protection in place you can rest easy that your screen will survive a drop whether you’re flying a broomstick at Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, working out at the gym, or just getting a latte.

Apart from accidents, even normal wear and tear can affect the vibrancy and brightness of your screen. Vacation photos from Disney World or the beach should look crisp and sharp and not be dimmed by smudges or scratches. Invisible Shield protects and enhances the clarity of the picture and retains premium touchscreen sensitivity for swiping, tapping, typing, and drawing. Even better, it’s created with technology that not only protects from scratches and dings but actually heals them.

Protecting your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch screen offers peace of mind that you can avoid the worst case of screen repair or replacement from impact damage. Without protection, some screen cracks will require these services as the only answer. ZAGG Phone Repair has you covered in any scenario, providing screen repair and replacement as well as preemptive screen protection at its 8 locations in Orlando, Sarasota, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, as well as by secure mail.


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