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zagg-dc-locationNow opening in The City Beautiful… No, not another tourist attracting theme park but something just as exhilarating. Zagg Phone Repair is bringing its renowned money saving phone repair services and fast turnaround to the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida. Now that is something locals and tourists can both appreciate.

Any Phone Repair

Not familiar with Zagg Phone Repair services? Once you have experienced our money saving repairs and first-class customer service there won’t be any turning back. That is why our customers live by our mantra of “Why Replace When You Can Repair?” Whether your phone slipped from your fingers while on the tallest Hogwarts tower at Universal Studios or simply flew out of your hands during the distracting G-forces of the Incredible Hulk ride, you no longer need to stress or worry about the costs of replacing your phone. Now that you have a friendly, local Zagg team to depend on, your phone will be repaired and returned to you in it’s shiny, pre-accident condition, for a fraction of the cost it would take to buy a new phone.

Same Day Service

If you are a longtime local of Orlando or just visiting the many wonders the city has to offer, you can now access Zagg’s many services conveniently. This includes our fast turnaround 1-day service which may be especially helpful for those who aren’t staying for long. Nothing is more frustrating than being on vacation and suddenly not being able to use your phone due to a cracked screen or battery issue. That is why we here at Zagg do our best to get you connected back up in as little time as possible.

Need phone repair services or want to why you should buy your phone accessories from a repair store”>protect your phone from accidental damage? Visit our new Orlando location or reach us through our contact page to get your phone secured today. And be sure to check out our top quality accessories from tablet keyboards to smartphone cases.


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