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When choosing a tablet, particularly an iPad, over a notebook or a desktop computer, customers typically opt for their ease of use, convenience and multiple applications, all wrapped up in a small and elegant package. Having your own small and super smart personal assistant becomes increasingly appeasing when you are able to connect wirelessly to the Internet and continue your work schedule wherever you are or simply enjoy any free time that you have while watching your favorite movie.

But all these advantages can become useless if your iPad is malfunctioning or damaged. Customers can lose their trusted personal assistant with all the important files and applications, as well as hindering important work. A quick repair time and professional technicians become extremely necessary to help you restore the damaged device. A professional repair team will be able to fully mend any technical issues that your iPad might have, whether it’s a hardware issue or a software malfunction.

ZAGG Phone Repair boasts one of the best team of technicians and logistics to cater for your device in a timely manner. With their multiple locations across Maryland (Annapolis, Wheaton, Columbia and Bethesda) and Virginia (Tysons Corner), the repair team is fully prepared to deal with any issue. Every device will be brought to working condition in the shortest time possible. Also, customers can choose to mail the broken iPads to ZAGG Phone Repair’s central headquarters in Bethesda, MD, if they are not close to any of the aforementioned locations.

ZAGG Phone Repair offers full iPad repair for wide variety of damages, including: Touchscreen replacement, LCD replacement, Home Button replacement, battery replacement, camera replacement, microphone and ear piece replacement as well as dock connector replacement. A typical repair begins with a 10-point inspection, done to all newly arrived devices. This involves a thorough inspection of the device to assess the issues that need immediate repair. Then, the technicians will usually fully repair the iPad in 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the severity of the damage. This is done using only grade A parts and the best OEM suppliers on the market to ensure the best outcome. Afterwards, the device goes through a final 10-point inspection procedure, which confirms whether the iPad is working perfectly. Only after this check is complete, the device is handed over to the customer.

The replacement parts are fully guaranteed for 90 days and if the replacement part fails, it will be replaced completely free of charge. Tablets, smartphones and other intelligent devices and gadgets are important partners for any person nowadays and can be an expensive investment. This is why most customers prefer to repair their device to further extend their work lifespan. By using ZAGG’s iPad repair service, these devices can be repaired in the shortest time possible. The professional repair team utilizes the latest technology and know-how, as well as the best replacement parts on the market to offer the best service on the market. Also, the full 90-day warranty is available for any device repaired by ZAGG Repair team.


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