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Zagg recently opened shop at a new location in our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C.  Primarily known as the industry’s leader in quality repairs and accessories for smartphones, and tablets Zagg offers customers in Washington D.C. an inviting shopping atmosphere with a friendly and knowledgable staff.   With a wide range of products designed to protect your devices from damage due to exposure to the mishaps of everyday life.    As the maker of several award-winning mobile accessories, including headphones, cases, keyboards, screen protectors just to name a few, Zagg provides stylish solutions to keep their devices in perfect condition.   For more information on these products and other service Zagg offers below.


Everyone knows that moment of panic when you drop your iPhone, or tablet and you rush to check the damage,  thanks to Zagg’s invisibleSHIELD,the industry standard in screen protection, those worries are no more.  Developed by the military, there is no other screen protection on the market that can provide this level of scratch resistance without the extra bulk.


Gone are the days of the old bulky cases and headphones of yore,  iFrogz  provides customers with accessories that are as innovative as they are stylish.  Show the world who you are by adding a bit of personality to your device with a  stylish accessory from iFrogz.

Repairs & Recovery Services.

As we become more reliant on our mobile devices, we become increasingly susceptible to panic when they suffer damage.  For many people the immediate thought goes to replacing the device, which can be a costly solution.   Thankfully, the experts at Zagg offer customer a range or repair options to get you back to life as normal.

Affordable and performed by qualified professionals, Zagg offers the following repair services for smartphones and tablets:

Touchscreen Replacement    Battery Replacement     Earpiece Replacement

LCD Replacement                   Camera Replacement      Microphone Replacement

Volume Control Replacement   Button Replacement     Dock Connector Replacement

Liquid Damage Recovery

For more information on the products and services Zagg offers, contact us today!


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