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It is always a pain when you accidently drop your phone and the screen cracks – even in the slightest. Replacing the screen on an iPhone or Android mobile device can be rather difficult. Sending the phone in to the manufacturer is usually out of the question, as it takes too long to receive the phone back from the repair shop and the cost is generally too high for most people to really justify paying. At Zagg Phone Repair, we offer the invisible shield replacement service that can help protect your phone from scratches, cracks, and drops.

Supported Devices

The invisible shield is available on the most popular devices currently on the market, including the new Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, LG G5, Apple iPad Pro, and even the Apple Watch. You see, the invisible shield can protect almost any device currently on the market from any drops that may occur accidently.


In the last 12 months alone, 1 in 3 people have damaged their mobile phone and have had to replace the entire device. 70 percent of all smartphone users have damaged their phone in some manner. And the average cost for a phone repair is around $144. Those numbers are simply insane to even comprehend. With the invisible shield, those numbers can be cut down drastically each year. With impact protection, scratch protection, and smudge protection, your phone is protected from almost everything. The difference between a phone with the invisible shield installed and one without is pretty evident.

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