Why Jailbreaking Voids My ZAGG Warranty

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The Internal Hardware of Your iPhone

By now, most have probably heard of jailbreaking a mobile device in some manner. If not, this term simply means the owner of the mobile device has broken the phone of its limitations installed by the phone manufacturers. An Android or iPhone are capable of being jailbroken by those who know what they are doing. Unfortunately, doing so to your phone will void the manufacturer’s warranty and that of ZAGG if we have worked on the device in the past.

Why Jailbreak?

Most mobile device users decide to jailbreak their phone to customize its appearance, install third-party applications, or add features that are not typical of a mobile phone. Some choose to jailbreak so they may use a different cell phone carrier than the one they may have purchased the device. You see, many carriers will sell a device that is locked into their service. To use another carrier’s service and mobile devices, you need to purchase a brand new phone. Most don’t want to pay the price.

Voiding Warranties

Despite the numerous great reasons for jailbreaking a phone, the simple fact of the matter is that it will void any warranty currently covering the mobile device. Any malfunctions or hardware failures the phone experiences after the jailbreaking will not be covered by the manufacturer or ZAGG.

That being said, if you have not had repairs performed by ZAGG and you have a jailbroken phone, we would be happy to work with you to fix the device. It is only after the fact that we are unable to perform any more repairs or service.

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