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We take our iPhones everywhere, in fact many of us keep our iPhones on us at all time.  This constant attachment leaves our smartphones vulnerable to mishaps. As any smartphone owner can attest to, nothing is more annoying that dropping your phone in a puddle of water, sink or toilet.   Thankfully, a water logged iPhone is not the end of the world. Below we have identified some ways to restore your iPhone .

  • Insert a different battery

The battery must be changed in case the phone fails to respond effectively to the charger or the power on option is not visible after being drenched in water. You can borrow a spare battery from your relatives or friends to see if the problem is with the phone’s battery. If not then you can visit one of the stores that sell iPhone batteries. After inserting the battery, if the phone begins to boot then you may understand that it all happened due to a bad battery which you can replace by buying a new and affordable battery online. If you can’t charge your phone after the water damage then remove the charger and battery both for cleaning the connector leads and ports with alcohol. You might work to clean up the excess of calcium buildup or corrosion occurring on them.

  • Using alcohol for treating water damaged iPhone

Another way of iPhone repairs is to bathe the phone in alcohol. This is a successful and interesting way of treating the phones that are exposed to fresh water, chlorine water and salt water wherein corrosion, sediments, minerals and chemicals exist in the phone. One needs to completely soak the iPhone in 99% alcohol. Being a non-conductive liquid, alcohol does not give any shocks and will only clean your phone completely by getting into the crevices and cracks. Soak it up for about one or two hours and then remove it followed by the drying process. In case bathing the iPhone does not work wonders for you, then simply claim insurance. It is recommended to check the Liquid Damage Indicator Sticker when trying to use this way of recovering your phone. If the color of the sticker changes to pink/red then it is clear that the warranty has become void, else with a white color you be assured that the phone is still in the warranty period which will help you to file a claim. In case you succeed in saving your phone then not only you save on your money but will also attain all the stored information in your phone.

  • Enjoy after fixing the phone

Hope these ways will help you fix the iPhone and allow you to use it efficiently. A phone which gets damaged due to water often gets difficult to fix due to the extent of the damage caused which can be hard to repair. In case the phone fails to work properly and you still find difficulty operating it then it is advisable to get it exchanged by availing good purchasing options. One should not take any chances with a water damaged iPhone.

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