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If you’re anything like the typical smartphone user, the chances are high that your mobile device’s screen experiences quite a bit of wear and tear over time. Your screen is one of the single most vulnerable components on your cell phone, especially when it is dropped or hit at just the right angle. Many smartphone users are turning to Invisible Shield to protect their smartphone from damage and preserve the screen.

Lifetime Replacement

The Invisible Shield from Zagg Phone Repair features a limited lifetime replacement warranty, which means the users only need to pay an installation fee. The actual screen protector is completely free after you have purchased the original unit.

Hardened Protection

The durable material of the Invisible Shield was designed to protect the helicopter rotors of the military. Today, the material is used to protect the latest and greatest smartphones. The smudge-protected, scratch-free screen protector is robust enough to handle life’s toughest challenges.

Easy Application

Applying your new screen protector does not require technical skills. The process is quite smooth and seamless. You can accurately and efficiently install your new Invisible Shield each time.

Smudge Resistant

The Invisible Shield is smudge-resistant, which means that touchscreen you love so much can be handled once more. We’ve designed the screen protector to be completely oil-resistant and fingerprint-proof. Your screen will remain pristine, no matter how often you take care of it!

Disappearing Act

The Invisible Shield was designed to work flawlessly with the latest smartphone technology. The screen protector is 100% clear, meaning you won’t even notice the shield in place. You won’t see bubbles, smudges, or smears on the screen whatsoever.

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