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After the new iPad Air was introduced, manufacturers started to release numerous new cases for the Apple’s most popular tablet yet. Since this is a lighter and also thinner tablet, manufacturers had to come up with new cases that would fit it perfectly, while still offering a great amount of protection. Therefore, if you want to save your wallet from spending money on iPad repairs, then you’d better take a closer look at the following iPad cases that can effectively protect your investment.

  1. Griffin GB36307 Survivor

Since it’s made of military grade plastic, you’ll no longer have to worry about ipad repairs once you start using the Griffin Survivor. As you can tell from its looks, this is a heavy duty case that can effectively protect your tablet no matter how rough of a user you may be.

While many iPad cases only offer shock protection, the Survivor boasts rain, wind, shock protection and the list doesn’t stop there. On top of that, its rugged visual appeal makes it look really impressive and given the fact it’s available in multiple colors (purple, black and blue) makes it one of the best choices out there.

  1. Targus THZ196US Versavu

If the safety of your iPad always comes first, then the Targus Versavu’s polycarbonate shell guarantees no matter how many times you drop it, it’s always going to protect your investment. On top of that, to improve stability the case features foam grooves, while the 360 degree turning action makes it possible to easily customize your viewing angles. Since this case is made of faux leather, it has that amazing feel to the touch that makes you think you’re holding a truly luxurious item in your hands. Currently, you’ll only be able to find it in black.

  1. Cygnett CY1327CIPLU Paradox Lux

This case has been inspired by the Art of Origami and as you can imagine, this is a very unique cover for your iPad. Compared to other options out there, this one can also be folded into many designs, supporting a wide range of viewing options. Better yet, you can also fold it in such a way that you create a stand for your tablet and even allows for 360 degree viewing.

For visual appeal, the Paradox Lux features color accented edges and also a microfiber liner. As for color availability, it comes in red and black.

  1. Proporta 17040

No matter if you’re the pickiest iPad user out there, the Proporta 17040’s luxurious faux leather is going to make taking your iPad with you a very pleasant experience. On top of that this case is built to last and offers excellent protection thanks to its signature aluminum lining that helps maintain the sleek nature of your iPad. If you used other iPad cases before, you’ll find this one to be a real treat, since it doesn’t add extra bulk to the tablet. In terms of available color choices, you can choose between red and black faux leather.

Protecting your tablet is one of the most important things you consider as an iPad user and that is why it’s recommended you get the best possible case for it so you don’t have to think about shelling out money for ipad repairs. By using any of the cases we’ve just reviewed, your iPad is going to be properly protected and safe no matter how rough you handle it.


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