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With every new tech gadget comes new tech difficulties. The iPad has proven incredibly efficient and convenient. However, it comes with a list of common issues as well. If adequately prepared with troubleshooting advice when facing one of these dilemmas on your handheld device, you can fix it yourself with ease. Today, we address the top three most common problems with the iPad and how to solve them.

Slow Keyboard

Users have occasionally complained of a keyboard that lags while typing. Often, this is caused by a mode aiding in accessibility on the iPad called Guided Access. When this setting interferes with the typing, you can turn it off. To correct this, go to Settings. Select General, select Accessibility, then choose Guided Access and be sure the button is off. Depending on the iPad model, another way to turn off the accessibility mode is to go to Settings and select iCloud, Choose Documents and Data, and turn it off. You can also try resetting all settings by going to Settings, select General and choose Reset all Settings.

WiFi Will Not Connect

This has been a major complaint with the iPad. Difficult to troubleshoot on any device, there are many variables to troubleshooting the WiFi. First, check your network. If the iPad is picking up the network when in close range to router, the settings are good, but the router needs to be in closer proximity, and may need to be moved away from walls. However, if range is fine, check other devices with the router. If they are not connecting, the router may need to be reset. If other devices are connecting, toggle Airplane Mode in Settings. This will force the iPad to reconnect again. If this does not work, select network in Wi-Fi section of Settings and tap Renew Lease. If this does not work either, select Forget This Network in the Wi-Fi- section of Settings. Then, hard reset the iPad and re-enter your network settings.

App Won’t Sync

What happens when you purchase an app and it will not sync with your iPad? First, ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of iOS for your device. If there continues to be an error, or an incomplete downloaded app, it may be due to lack of space. iOS apps are compressed files, but they do expand during installation. In particular, games are notorious for their ballooning size. If this is the case, delete a few large apps that you don’t use.

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