The Internal Hardware of Your iPhone

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The Internal Hardware of Your iPhoneWhen people start having problems with the functioning of their phone, they may believe it is an internal hardware problem. If you have dropped your phone, accidentally got it wet, or believe it was handled roughly, you may have damaged some internal components. However, sometimes when you may think you have an internal issue you really need the screen replaced. Here are a few ways to determine whether the internal hardware of your iPhone is the problem or something else is wrong with your smartphone.

Opening Up Your Smartphone Can Void Your Warranty

If you look at instructions online, it may tell you to open your iPhone. You should know that if you were to open the device, your warranty from Apple would be automatically voided. This may be a concern if you have paid for an extra warranty, or if you would want to return the phone to the store.

Third-Party Repairs

Zagg Phone Repair may be able to help you determine the source of your issue, whether it be a simple screen repair or a more extensive internal hardware problem. Before we repair your phone, we will always run any prices or processes by you first to get your approval. We can help fix certain issues, but some internal hardware problems may not be repairable. If you need a new phone, we are happy to assist you in choosing the perfect smartphone for you. We also have an extensive line of high-quality cases that can protect your device, so you don’t run into the same problem again. Our repair services and accessories are impressively affordable and long-lasting.

If you would like more information regarding iPhone repairs, contact the Zagg Phone Repair nearest you. We are happy to assist you with our mail-in service if our locations aren’t accessible for you!


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