The Dangers of Using a Phone With a Broken Screen

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A cracked cell phone screen may not seem like a huge deal to begin with, but the situation may get worse over time. Not only does a crack in the touchscreen may obscure view, but it may also expose the phone to further internal damage. While the screen could remain intact for the foreseeable future after a sharp drop, repeated impacts weaken the integrity of the glass and lead to internal damage. In the most extreme cases, a broken screen could cause slight injuries to the hand or face.

Cuts and Scrapes

Let’s start by discussing the potential damage you could cause to your hands or face. Unless you have tough skin, broken glass can easily slice open a finger or two during use. When you run your finger across the screen cracks, small glass splinters may break off and impact in your skin.
Additionally, the same glass shards could splinter from the screen altogether and end up in your pocket, purse, or school bag. This is a huge safety risk.

Technical Troubles

We already mentioned the inability to see what’s happening on your screen. You could very well spend your entire time scrolling ever so slightly to read an entire article. Trying to get around the cracks and crevices can be annoying.

Furthermore, many phones that tout water-resistance may no longer have such protection. Dunking your phone in water or dropping it in a puddle with a cracked screen may lead to shorting out or outright breaking the device. In fact, you shouldn’t even wipe down your cracked screen with a damp cloth any longer. You’ll have to be more protective and cautious all around.

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