The Benefit of Screen Protectors: Do They Really Make a Difference?

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The Internal Hardware of Your iPhone

Smartphones are one of the most expensive items most people purchase these days. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a single mobile device just to have the screen scratched or broken when they accidently drop the phone. Most people still purchase screen protectors with their devices. At one point, screen protectors were almost mandatory for mobile phones. Advancements in glass and screen coatings have since made them unnecessary for some people, however.


The advantages to having a screen protector installed on your phone are pretty clear. The extra protection, should you drop or accidently scratch the phone, will ensure your touch screen continues to function as it was intended. Believe it or not, sand is actually known for scratching up the glass of a touch screen. When at the beach, sand may get into your pocket and rub into the smartphone’s glass screen, causing minute scratches and nicks. A screen protector, while potentially scratched by sand too, can protect the actual phone from such problems.


At one point, a screen protector completely changed the entire experience of using a smartphone. They seemed softer and allowed for a better grip on the device. Now, however, placing the thin sheet of plastic between your finger and the device is immediately noticeable. With how small smartphones have become, the screen protector often stands out. If you are not careful during the installation, you may develop bubbles or cracks underneath the screen protector, which wastes the entire sheet. A new one must then be installed to adequately protect the phone from any dings or scratches.

In the end, whether or not a screen protector makes a difference boils down to personal preference these days.

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