Technology Promises To Change The Way You Accessorize

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The number and types of phone accessories are both increasing. Even now, most people only think of smartphone accessories as headphones, screen guards and covers. Those who are more technologically inclined also tend to use Bluetooth headsets. However, technology has moved even beyond Bluetooth headsets. We know of a product that comes in the form of a finger ring and can perform some amazing jobs for you in the form of an accessory for your smartphone.

What is the role of phone accessories? They are supposed to make life easier for us. A smartphone is an amazing gadget and can do many things, much more than what we can think about. This particular accessory that we are talking about here is indeed a wonder of what technology can achieve. It looks like a finger ring and is supposed to be worn as a finger ring, but it performs some superb jobs.

These smartphone accessories that come in the form of finger rings, work as remote control gadgets. So efficient are these rings that you can program them to perform any task, well almost any. For instance, if you want to turn on the lights in your home as you are parking your car, you can do that with these rings. Each of these rings has a button on it and it can be pressed to perform this task. Many women fear getting into their homes when it is dark and no lights are on. With a ring like this, the smart light bulbs and the Bluetooth air conditioning can be turned on from outside their homes.

Even inside homes, multiple tasks can be performed using these phone accessories. All the electronic gadgets can be turned on and off by pressing the button on these rings. These rings are smart enough to be able to increase and decrease volumes of TVs and music systems and increase or decrease the temperature inside homes. These rings can send alerts when an email is received and they can send alerts when it is time for the user to take a break from work. If you think of a virtual assistant, these smartphone accessories can be the perfect example.

Now, these smartphone accessories are not only for performing chores because they are also excellent fashion accessories. You need to press the button on these rings and change their face color. This means that your ring can be made to change its face color to match the clothes that you are wearing. This is something that is bound to amaze a lot of your friends and connections.

You must be wondering where this product is. If it can do so much then why is there no news about it? Why cannot you see people wearing these phone accessories? Well, these smartphone accessories are now in the prototype phase and the crowdfunding for production is slated to start soon. Very soon the global market will be flooded with these rings and people will find easier ways to get various jobs done.


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