Summer is over – Fix that Broken Screen

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Summer is over – Fix that Broken Screen

You cracked your iPhone screen on Memorial Day but toughed out the broken screen all summer without having it repaired. Why go to the trouble, it was just a small crack! Now approaching Labor Day, the crack has spread. The touchscreen isn’t always responding, and reading content or pictures is difficult. You even cut your finger by swiping over one of the sharp cracks. Summer was one thing, but back to school and back to work are looming and you need your phone at its best for the near constant emails, texts, shared files, calendars, documents, videos, and music that will be coming and going at top speed.

Understanding the high priority, real time role that our phones play in our professional, personal, and school lives, ZAGG Phone Repair offers iPhone screen repair or replacement in a flash. You and your phone won’t be separated for long – often less than one business day.

Broken or cracked screens happen every day. People are 10 times more likely to damage their screens than to have their cell phones lost or stolen! The autumn months are a busy time when we use our phones more than ever for school and work communication and projects, and a damaged screen, whether it shatters or just shows a few scuffs after a drop, can be a serious inconvenience. But more than that, it can be dangerous. The glass iPhone screen can cut you. Moisture and dirt can get inside of your phone through the crack, resulting in water damage or corrosion to the camera, SIM card, and other interior systems. A small crack can spread into a spiderweb and shatter in temperature changes.

Don’t struggle with a screen that doesn’t work, don’t assume your phone isn’t damaged just because it’s working, and don’t risk further damage by delaying. Get fast but thorough review, expert repair, and exceptional service, all at affordable prices, at ZAGG Phone Repair. We also offer preemptive screen protection. Contact or visit us at one of our 8 locations in Orlando, Sarasota, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, as well as by secure mail.


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