Smartphone Owner? Here’s A List of Must-Have Accesories for Your Device

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Once objects of novelty and/or luxury, Smartphones have now become ubiquitous- a necessary tool for everyday living in this modern age where 24/7 internet connectivity is a must. People use it for communication, education, entertainment, and even business.

But smartphones still have their limitations that their users need to work around with. Low battery life, delicate screens, poor camera resolution- these problems can plague even the most priciest of smartphones. Thankfully, there are a lot of smartphone accessories on the market today that will let people maximize the use of their devices. Here are some of the necessary smartphone accessories that anyone living in the 21st century should buy:

1. Screen Protector

A smartphone’s screen is very susceptible to scratches; people don’t even have to do anything drastic to their phone for it to get visibly damaged. Just the repeated scratching of fingernails or coins on the screen is enough for it to get visible scratch marks that can never be removed. A screen protector ,like the InvisibleShield, is the smartphone’s first line of defense against permanent screen damage.

2. Portable Charger and/or Battery Pack

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are notorious for their short battery lives. There’s nothing worse than having your smartphone die out on you in an emergency. This is why having a portable charger that can be used inside the car or plugged into a laptop is an absolute must-have accessory, especially for travelers. Sometimes, there are even smartphone cases with built-in miniature solar panels, so that people can charge their phones even without an outlet or any other electrical source nearby. This kind is great for people who are traveling to isolated locations or for those who like to go camping.

For those who are not that into long travels, a battery pack or portable power bank (which needs to be charged beforehand) can pretty much take care of all their power needs.

3. Case

Some people don’t like cases since they think that it destroys the exterior aesthetics of a sleek smartphone and/or tablet. While this might be a bit true (especially for hardcases which can add a hefty bulk to a device), the only way to make a mobile device last for years is to put a case on it. The case, depending on the material used and the brand, can protect a smartphone from drops and other minor damage from everyday use. Those who love the outdoors can opt for cases that are a bit more “rugged,” so to speak, with waterproofing and a frame that can withstand even the harshest of environmental conditions.

4. Camera smartphone accessories

While smartphone camera technology have improved over the years, it still lacks much of the functionality that professional photographers need. Thankfully, there are manufacturers that sell camera accessories like miniature lenses for fisheye and macro photography for smartphones. A good example of this would be the Olloclip camera lenses for the iPhone.

5. Portable Bluetooth speakers

Most smartphones suffer from poor audio with their sub-par built-in speakers. To remedy this, there are a variety of portable and wireless Bluetooth speakers that audiophiles can choose from. Those from Philips and Logitech are usually of great quality, but other popular brands are also good too.


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