Smartphone Liquid Damage Recovery

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Smartphone Liquid Damage Recovery

There you are on the beach in Sarasota. It’s your first full day of sun and sand and you are ready to hit the cool ocean waters and show off your body surfing skills. You sprint for the shoreline, dive in and head out for the breakers. Just then you realize that your trusted cell phone, with all of your family pictures, business and personal phone numbers, favorites apps and games and saved websites, all of it exists now only as a waterlogged brick in the pocket of your swim trunks. You need Smartphone Liquid Damage Recovery. Or perhaps you go to take the wet clothes out of the washing machine, and your heart sinks when you pull up your soaked cell phone in your jeans. Water is a danger zone for your cell phone, whether the ocean, the lake, the pool, the sink, or the washing machine.  (And studies show that 19% of people have accidentally dropped their cell phone in the toilet.)

First Off, Turn Off

It’s important to note that a super soaked smartphone may not be salvageable. There are, however, a few steps you can take to try make the most of a sloshy situation. The professionals at ZAGG Phone Repair maintain that the very first thing you do is turn the phone off and leave it off. Trying to see if the phone still works by continually turning it off and on will only do further damage. Water and electricity simply don’t mix, and the combination of the two will only cause the continued shocking of an already damaged screen and circuits.

Next, Don’t Do It

As mentioned above, do not turn the smartphone back on. Don’t press any buttons either, as this can send water into other internal crevices within the phone. You can remove the outer protective case, the battery, and the SIM and SD cards from their slots, but think twice about opening the back of the phone. Some phones come with a warranty which can become voided if the inner workings are tampered with. Resist attempting to dry the phone with a hair dryer or vacuum, as these can also damage the phone from excessive heat and spreading the liquid even further throughout the circuit and screen.

What To Do

When a smartphone has experienced water or liquid damage, time is of the essence. ZAGG Phone Repair stores are located in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, as well as Orlando and Sarasota, Florida. Drop off your phone for a quick estimate, or one of ZAGG’s seasoned mobile technicians will come come pick it for you. Once it’s with ZAGG, your cell phone will be on its way to recovery.


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